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Default Re: Picked up the DrumCrafts today!

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Thinking the same thing.

Tama Granstars
Tama Starclassics in black oyster (my fav..I'll take em if you're selling...)
Ludwig naturals
Drum Craft is it I know Bo's drum collection but I can't remember to pay the electric bill?
My apologies for not updating all of you. But due to the nostalgic nature of both the Ludwigs and the Slingerlands, both Tamas were let go to help fund those kits. Well, not exactly let go - the Starclassics were bought by the high school I work for so although technically I don't own them, I'm the only one playing them and maintaining them. The school thought it wise to own their own kit for the choir program, so I was able to provide one for them ;)

The Granstars went to the accompanists' 12-year-old son who I give lessons to about once a month now. His mother asked me advice on a first kit for him but she didn't want to buy him a toy, and be loved the Granstars every time he saw them so for his birthday, I set him up with it.

So I have access to all FIVE kits anyway, two of them just don't live in my house. Considering the emotional ties to the vintage kits, they're a good trade. My house is full of maple instead of birch ;)

At first I felt I could flip the DrumCrafts, but I feel like the Slingerlands will probably just enjoy a home life instead of gigging, which would mean the Ludwigs and DCs would share the brunt of the gigging abuse. But I reserve the right to change my mind on that. Good kits need to played in public - every blue moon or so ;)
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