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Originally Posted by travis barkers #1 fan
why do lots of people rag on him....if you dont like a drummer it doesnt mean you have to come in here and tell everyone why he is bad which is stupid because you have to be better than someone else to judge them which i GARUNTEE ( if thats how you spell it) that no one in here is a better drummer
Since Stu has been taking up some of the slack for these answers, I will try to help out if I can.

Again, I don't mean to be disrespectful here, but this is the drummerworld site. Not some crazy sight from the dark side of the Internet. Drummers are discussed on these threads from all sides so we can all be better drummers. Travis is always an interest and bringing up somethin' negative doesn't mean anybody hates the guy.

Of course, a person with the right ability to see detail, can judge ANY other drummer . Also this person doesn't even have to be a drummer. If they have a good knowledge they can judge. I mean look man, you probably have ideas about movies or television shows. But it doesn't mean you know how to make one.

And about your guarantee, I really don't think you can do anything of the kind. As I said in my last Travis post, there are some monster players on this forum that I have alot of respect for. I think there are probably several drummers on this forum with Barker's talent or skill, and there are probably a handful of more skilled ones. And I think its time some of his fans on this thread were told this and tried to get that. He's really good and very entertaining, but the drum world is a great big place.

And before anybody makes the challenge, nobody has to shuffle out a video of themselves to prove their point on these fan issues. You see people use that as a comback on these fan threads and maybe its time that some just draw the line on that by not responding to it. All that ever happens is that the fan people pick it apart anyway even if it was the second coming of Tony Williams.

I'm sorry to get a little irritated, but I guess I am. Everytime this stuff shows up, it looks like everybody our age is like this and they're not. And I bet all of you are nice guys, but I just wished you would listen to more music. Travis is a good musician, but I'm starting to get what some of the others are sayin' about this blind fan stuff coming from guys who have only heard a tiny bit of the whole picture of music. Man, why don't you hang around awhile, check out some threads on some other subjects and try to learn to respect these people before you come on here all puffed up.

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