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Default Re: Renown 57 Bop and regular Renown 18" bass drum head thread

U dont have to use any foam ring, the 2 foam rings give you easy adjustment, perfect for different rooms and venues. Ive had a EMAD in the past on my 22" Rockstar kick and ran without a ring before. If you want a jazzy sound, Id stick with the stock EQ4. It was quite boomy even in my basement which has alot of sound deadning in it. I dont hate the sound out of the kick with the stock heads, I just want to make it less boomy and more rock thuddy style, to match what we play.

Im useing this kit for Rock/Alternative/Modern/Pop, not jazz. I guess I should have posted that. Its all relative to opinion, and Im hopeing in this thread that everyone posts their setups and their opinions and what they are trying to achieve soundwise, be it jazz or rock or whatever. There is no right or wrong answer...and keep it in a single thread, thus avoiding searching for HOURS on this!
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