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Default Re: Customizing DTX 500 sounds??

Originally Posted by Defender View Post
Thanks for the tips, but I've already kind of got that figured out. What I'm looking for is some setting, whatever they may be (ie... reverb, thickness, etc to emulate some professional band's kits)
I'm not too familiar with the 500 series module (other than reviewing features within the manual)... I've got the 900 series module and what I find that helps is just diving in and experimenting with different settings...and to be honest that's a never ending quest...I've saved many tweaked kits to my USB....I know that there are kits available for the 900 series module that emulate famous drummers kit sounds, but pretty sure it's not available for the dtx500... You could go the VST route, if you haven't already; I'm sure going that route will open up a lot of opportunities for creating the sounds you want...
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