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Default Re: How do you pack your kit?

Originally Posted by er-minio View Post
I'll hijack the thread to ask a (potentially stupid) question that is always in my head.

When you store the drums, do you keep them stacked like on bobdadruma's second pic earlier in this post?

I keep my drumkit stacked in soft padded cases when at home (I always only move it with the cases).
I keep it stacked and, for a period of my life, between uni and first years at works it just sat there, for years.
I always wondered if, on the long term, it affects the drums or not. I suppose not.
It still spends most of its time stacked in my flat. Kick drum on its own, and 4 toms on top of each other.

Btw, to get back on topic, this my drum kit's travel gear. There is a couple extra pieces as well now:
My gig kit stays in the bags along with the hardware and cymbals. I have a kit set up for practice at home with other hardware and throne etc that stays home.
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