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Default Seeking some help for my one-man band foot drum project

Hi folks, I am seeking some assistance for my current foot drum project....

I have been a solo musician for nearly my entire career, playing lead guitar and vocals in my one man show
along with the assistance of a beat box for the drum and bass guitar parts.

I have become bored with using digital backing tracks to fill up my sound and I have been working on incorporating
real percussive elements from a real drum kit.

I have incorporated the snare and kick drums from my old Pearl Rhythm Traveller drum kit into my project.

The kick drum stands in its normal postion with the resonant head facing forward as normal
and I have the snare drum mounted on a solid homemade bracket so that it's standing on its end
with the resonant head facing forward as well. I am using two old kick pedals to produce beats
on each drum and I play the kick drum with my right foot and the snare drum with my left foot.

After much experimentation with various beaters of different materials with various adjustments on the pedals,
I have managed to fine-tune my kick and snare drums to the point where they work for me

I have been struggling for quite sometime with a way to incorporate a set of hi hats
or another combination of percussive elements which will add that double-stroke
"four-on-the-floor" style of rhythm to my beat,
and I was recently inspired by the following items I just discovered:

as well as the post made by Deathmetalconga, #15 down this page:

The wheels started turning and I thought:
"What if I could have a kick drum pedal on each of my drums which also housed a cabasa
and a shaker or a maraca of some kind with the high-end jingle of a tambourine added in there for good measure?"
If I had double-stroked cabasa beat playing with each stroke I make on the kick and the snare,
as well as a single maraca/shaker & tambourine beat sounding simultaneously,
I would have my sound rounded out fairly decently!

Now, I am not extremely handy, I don't have a lot of tools to work with, and I don't have access to a decent hardware nearby
so I thought I'd inquire about anyone who might be into doing custom fabrication on drum hardware and pedals
as I would be interested in commissioning a job like this to someone who has experience in doing this kind of work.

To put it plainly, I'm seeking a pair of great quality kick drum pedals with a cabasa, a shaker/maraca, and jingles added to them,
and if anybody would be willing to help me out in my quest have such a pair of units fabricated, not unlike the units I've linked to above,
I would be very grateful!

Thank you so much guys, all the best!

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