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Default Re: Customizing DTX 500 sounds??

Originally Posted by DTX Product Specialist View Post
Hi Defender,

To get started on customizing with the DTX500 module I suggest to first start with a good preset kit such as the Oak or Maple Custom. Then store the kit into to a user kit. After storing the kit go to Drum Kit then press the Right arrow page button to get to the kit voice section. The Kit voices are set up under categorizes such K: Kick S: Snare, etc.. There are many choices for the different voices so please reference the Data list in the manual to see all the available choices. Hope this helps.

DTX Product Specialist
Thanks for the tips, but I've already kind of got that figured out. What I'm looking for is some setting, whatever they may be (ie... reverb, thickness, etc to emulate some professional band's kits)
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