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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

You will get a hundred opinions and they are all good for those expressing them . My opinion is this . I think pedals are like shoes, you have to walk with them on! . But here is how I buy pedals . First I spend a lot of time playing one that is set up correctly in the music store . I go back at least 3 times and play that pedal for 15 minutes to a half hour minimally. Then I go back and try the others that I am interested in the same way. Then I find out the return policy , and if it meets with my approval, I buy the one that I like the best and bring it home . I save all the boxes receipts, packing materials, everything and play my regular practice routine for at least three different sittings . I bought pedals one month ago. First, Tama Iron Cobras, then after 3 days I hated them, took them back, then dw 9002 another 4 days liked them a lot but the footboard after tons of different adjustment just didn't feel right, guess what? ,back to the store and ended up with a pair of Tama Speed Cobras that I had tried originally and didn't like them . Bought them, tweaked them and played them over a week and I love them. The guy at guitar center hates me and youi know what I sa, y to h--ll with him. lol. I am happy!
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