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Default Re: Renown 57 Bop and regular Renown 18" bass drum head thread

Ok, I was at my local drum shop tonight, very reputable place, he's been working there for 30 years and told me on most any 18" bass drum, the majority of the time, you cannot beat an EMAD with the small foam ring. He carries Aquarian, Evans and Remo everything...hes more of a Remo guy and his personal kits he runs Remos with a EMAD. he also told me to change out ALL the reso's, including the Bass/Kick reso, he can get me a Remo with the Gretsch logo on it. he told me it will make it sound even better with the new reso head and a felt strip and the EMAD on the batter. Oh yeah, he doesn't like Kickports, even though they sell them, or have them for sale. When we play out, most of the time we mike my kick anyway so we can eq in the sound we want anyway. He told me the G1's are fine, id be kinda stupid to not use them for the time being. he has the bigger brother kit with the 22" bass and 5 piece in the same motor city Red color and he did all the same to his and he said it sounds amaizing for the cost. So, Ill be sticking to useing the G1's for now.

Looking for other setups for comparison and just general info...
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