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Default Re: Im looking for an Electronic Kit....

I'm really enjoying my Roland TD-11k, which retails for $999, but you may get it for less. It has rubber toms (no rim shots), so if that's a factor you might want to consider the TD-11kv which has mesh heads, but this one retails at around $1500, so that may be over your budget. There's always second-hand but good deals are hard to find. It will all come down to personal preference, so you need to try out some kits, but in my opinion you simply can't go wrong with a Roland since they are well-built. I had an Alesis DM8 USB, and that had so many options in the module (100 kits plus room for 100 of your own devising) and 750 sounds, but how many of those gimmicky kits are you actually going to play? The TD-11k has 25 solid kits, but I always come back to the same 4-5. Anyway, the Alesis kit all but died within two months and I sent it back for a refund and went looking for quality instead.

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