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Default Picked up the DrumCrafts today!

Not sure if I need THREE kits, but I got the DrumCraft drums today. I haven't gotten to clean them or do a good tuning yet, but they sure are pretty (not sure if the pictures will do them justice. But set up in my drum room they sound great. Each drum is stamped what date they were made - I may want to apply some tung oil to the insides though.

But it's basically a DrumCraft 22" Progressive maple kit in the Cardiac Burst finish. Online price from is $2,039.00 for the shell pack. This finish isn't available from anyone on eBay, either, and their snare drums are asking a pretty price too (I've seen between $300-450). The name of the finish is appropriate.

It has:

8x10, 9x12 rack toms
14x16 floor tom
18x22 virgin bass drum
5.5x14 snare drum
Comes standard with two clamps and tom mounts.

The actual drum hardware looks good and feels very sturdy - the clamps and tom mounts feel like chrome covered plastic, but function well, and are pretty heavy - which makes me think they're not actually plastic. If I keep the kit I may just install a full-on Yamaha double tom mount and also use Yamaha tom mounts on the toms - just eliminate the DrumCraft stuff altogether.

But I guess my big debate is to keep them or not. They are truly top-flight drums, but I have two great kits already. What would you do? As I said in earlier posts, although I primarily play 4-piece kits for everything, every now and then you have to go out and be able to look and play the part of the jazz-fusionist. Some people just like drummers with two toms on top too, so it definitely makes me able to fill any needs anyone might want. But then again, I'm comfortable enough nowadays that I actually turn people down for gigs. I'll stare at the drums for a while and decide where I want to go with these ;)
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