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Default Big update

Hello peoples.

I know that I havent been on here in a year or two, so its about time I start posting again.

The past few years have been insane. Back in 2010/2011 I spent 11 months doing missionary work with my church. After that in late 2011 I messed my back up working at a local window making factory. Summer of 2012 was amazing, played with two local bands at the Back to Blues Gospel Fest. in Chilliwack BC.

Biggest update is that back during that summer, the bands I was in were practicing outside in my garage and the old folks that live behind us finally had enough of their musical neighbours. So, for the past 8 months, me and my Dad have been converting my brothers old room into a studio. Almost done, I actually am just now taking a break from prepping the walls for paint.

Other than that, I have been playing alot more guitar recently and have purchased quite a bit of gear. Ive also invested quite a bit into recording gear as well.

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