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Default Re: Hello, I'm new here :)

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Welcome to the forum.I have a few suggestions.Try listening to some Little Feat.Country funk jazz and everything in between.Songs like Fat Man in the Bathtub,Old Folks Boogie,Let It Roll,Feets Don't Fail Me Now,Spanish Moon and All That You Dream.

Another great funk band is Parlament Funkadelic.

If classical is is what you like best,try some Emerson,Lake & Palmer.Pictures at an Exibition,How down,and a few other classics and some jazz.Those guys are all classicly trained musicians and Carl Palmer is a drumming wizard.

Steve B
Well, I've just listened to a few snippets of all of the above. Not hugely keen on ELP (a bit too crossover for me) but I'm pretty sure I like Little Feat and I may actually LOVE Parliament Funkadelic.

This is so exciting for me, it's a whole new world!

I'll definitely check out The Evolution of Jazz Drumming, which I'd been wondering about a while ago but forgot to pursue. Haven't had a new book in a while :)

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