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Default Re: Recording my Yamaha dtx500 - how?

Originally Posted by jwark View Post
So after hours on the phone with tech support I got the m-audio drivers installed. Apparently they said the cd they gave me was the wrong one.

So now cakewalk sees it but I still get nothing registering. The midi lights on the midi to usb device still does not light up. They said they don't know what it is. It's not a cakewalk problem. I've tried 4 different software apps none of them will see I am actually playing anything. They also just had me run some diagnostic software called midi-ox, it doesn't see anything either.

Is there something on the dtx500 you have to switch on for midi to start sending?

Remember the DTX500 module sends the MIDI data on MIDI Channel 10 so make sure the apps are set to receive on that channel.

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