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Default Re: Books, DVDs, or Online?

Originally Posted by peety777 View Post
Does anyone rate Jared Falk's system out of interest? Don't kno what to think of it!
As a teacher and player, I think there are probably at least a dozen guys of similar or greater abilities and qualifications in every city in North America with a population over about 80,000, so there's that. He's a good businessman, to all appearances. Really great marketing. Wonderful marketing. To me the product looks like pure snake oil, but it's hard for me to judge because the few videos of his I have sat through did not inspire me to view more. I don't think his product can legitimately be called a “system”; it's more “a bunch of videos”, dealing with as many single licks, rudiments, or beats as the business partners could think of.

Teaching music this way, in little isolated bits of information, is a deliberate technique some teachers— unethical ones— use to keep you paying for lessons, without giving you enough information to begin learning on your own. The web site is supposedly a good value, because the per-month cost is cheaper than hiring a professional to teach you for real, but to me, that's something like eating a bag of sugar for dinner because it's cheaper than food.
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