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Default Re: Books, DVDs, or Online?

Jared Falk is a controversial person here on DW... As some might remember he really messed up on claiming to be the inventor of the one-handed/freehand roll.

If you forget this episode for a moment - I think his site is ok. I bought their Drum System Online and Drum Fill System packages but haven't subscribed to their new product Drumeo. In the past they had a weekly live lesson for all buyers of one of their packages, with Drumeo they provide lessons almost daily, if not daily (not sure about the weekend but there's definitely lessons Monday through Friday).

I think their packages are ok. Their marketing is, well, 'aggressive' but personally I don't have a problem with that because ultimately it's the product that counts. Both Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson but also any guest teachers (e.g. Mike Michalkow, Lionel Duperron) I've come across on their site/during their lessons are doing a great job. They're certainly not telling people crap, I've picked up a lot of good advice. Their subscription fee for Drumeo is reasonable I think. As for their regular packages - those are offered with huge discounts quite often. On various threads some DW members expressed that they think the Railroad Media/Jared Falk stuff is overpriced, I don't really agree but that's personal. I've stopped using their packages but that's because I bought them when I picked up drumming (2.5 yrs ago) and gradually bought other DVDs/books so with a bit more understanding of techniques/motions/rudiments, a good deal of what they're covering in their lessons/topics (across the DVDs/CDs of those packages) will become somewhat obsolete. But it's a great encyclopedia for anybody getting into it, plus for the first few steps. (Actually I wanted to give those packages a go again, now having a bit more practice than when I started out, to check their benefit if you have some basics down already.)

What many can do without is Railroad Media marketing their stuff as 'secrets' to e.g. bass drum playing. The 'secret' is to learn 3 techniques - because this is what you basically get in that respective package - plus a thousand ways to implement them/a myriad of playing examples. This isn't a bad thing but from a proportional perspective, 1% of that package is discussing the technique while 99% is that mentioned myriad of patterns. If this makes sense for you - go for it, haha. I didn't buy that one because the techniques themselves are known to me (you'll learn heel-toe, slide and flat foot - I think they don't even cover swivel).

- - -

This thread is not about Railroad Media so back on topic - personally I prefer a mixture of all of those aspects, I wouldn't reduce it to an either/or.

Also, I wonder why the original poster hasn't come back to his own thread with some feedback or why he didn't describe his own take on this in his first post. I think overall he started a number of threads but didn't get back there, too. Seems strange to me.
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