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Default Re: New moulded musicians earplugs

This thread caught my interest because of my tinnitus...

I got some of these from the same place. I was under the impression that they were pretty flat across all frequencies, but they aren't. There is a definite drop off in the highs. This has caused me issues with hats and cymbals, as I tend to over compensate with my playing, thinking they are too quiet. I ended up setting up in ear monitors with a stereo mic and a little mixer, but that is a problem in it'self as you are then at the mercy of your best judgement and it can be hard to turn down in the middle of a song that's really cranking.

I've just been back to pick up some replacement 25db filters, as I had been told some of the filters are not equal in each side and I get the impression you might get unlucky and get a bad batch or something similar.

While I was there I purchased some 15db filters, which from the audio reports I was sent by gnresound appear to be a little more even across the range. I'm not planning on using the 15db filters for playing, more for when I'm watching gigs etc.

I'm keen to hear about other people solutions to the high frequency issue though, I know lots of drummers use ear plugs so the missing highs can't be bothering them much.

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