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Default Re: How do you pack your kit?

I have a PR bag for my snare. (it's great). My drums are naked (save for a sheet on the kick and hoodie between the toms) and my cymbals currently go in plastic Sabian bags but when I get a new kit I'm getting PR bags for the drums and a cymbal bag as well. After using hardcases at school, I'm not a fan. I think a bag will offer more protection (and sorry Andy, I don't have the budget for AAA cases) than an unlined hardcase, and they are much cheaper too.

My car (mazda cx7) is conveniently sized to perfectly carry a 1-floor tom kit (somewhat compartmentalized too!) and still have 3 seats available. I can still fit everything in the back leaving the front 2 seats open even when i take everything- two HH stands, rug, four cymbal stands + numerous attachments, two floor toms + two rack toms, kick, snare, 14 cymbals, DW double pedal case, and change.
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