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Default Re: How do you pack your kit?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I have a bag for my snare and an upright rolling cart for all my hardware, cymbals are in a Zildjain cymbal safe. Drums are naked. 3 trips total. I've come to the conclusion that cases are a waste of my time and an extra storage hassle.
This is about how I do it, too. SKB cases for the two snares I bring (one for backup), cymbals in a bag, hardware in a bag, but drums go nekkid. I watched too many drummers have too easy a time moving their drums without bags or cases and thought that would be really nice.

The beauty is that my kit has enough rash on it for me to not be overly concerned about a few more scratches here and there. Carrying stacked toms in one trip and a kick and snare the next is just so easy. Hardware and cymbals after that and I'm in!

I'm very careful about the heads though - even though they're the cheapest thing to replace, they're also the business end. I can play with a scratched tom or kick much easier than I can with a punctured head!

When (and if) I get my next new kit, it's all be in cases. I like pristine, but once it's gone (as with my current kit), I'm free to make things easier on myself!
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