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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

Originally Posted by StixKamm View Post
About the Perfect Balance pedal I got a week ago. After the strap being a "first generation" that bottomed out, I got a gibralter one from a local store. It makes the pedal work fine after a week of gigs. Problem is that it doesn't fold down as it should due to the shorter strap. This being one of the big selling features for me is a drag. As it is now it's like another big pedal that takes up a lot of room in my hardware bag. I contacted a dealer in Portland that said he had the same problem and is going to send me the updated second generation strap from Sonor..
All in all I really like the feel and am hopeful that this issue will not carry on after I get the new strap.
Based on my experience, the new 2nd generation strap I received was the same length as the 1st generation strap so I'm sure yours will be also. Once on you should have no problems with folding it.
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