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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: The Slingerland video - FINALLY!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Thanks for listening, and I appreciate the positive comments about my playing (it's always good for my ego ;)

Anyway, as an update, I am without the beloved Slingerlands for a few days as I've delivered them to Stan and Jerry at Pro Drum yesterday so they can install the badges that the seller included with the kit. In fact, I forgot that the seller included those, and he also gave me 13 extra tom lugs and the bass drum tom mount plate as well! I could so build another small tom for it if I wanted to.

When I found I had the badges, I had debated about adding them, then when I decided to do it just to complete the vibe, I debated about doing it myself. Then I figured I'd just screw up the job and decided to drop them at Pro Drum and have them do it. So maybe I'll have them back this coming Friday.

Funny thing about these vintage drums though, I know they're slightly out-of-round as the heads don't sit flat on them when I put them on, I have to kinda' futz with them - but this is what I remembered doing when I was a kid with my first Slingerlands 35 years ago. Definitely not modern by any means. If you guys think they sound good, then I must be doing something right! I think some of our younger players would freak since all new drums these days are practically perfect in every way ;)

When I get them back, I'm thinking of installing my black dots on the batters - and trying a clear PS3/black dot combo on the bass drum. Again, thanks all for giving it a listen. I'm having a great time with these tubs - I'll try to get my playing a bit better so Anthony has something else to like ;)
Stan and Jerry will do a bang up know that

as for the out of round drums.....for the first 5 years or so of my drumming journey I thought thats how drums were .
I would mess with that 1965 Slingerland endlessly ...... obsessively
I would spend hours and hours and days and days trying to get those things to sound the way I wanted.....and I would always succeed .
hours of tuning.....putting strips of towels under the heads.....pulling off the reso heads.....making tone control rings out of old heads that I cut with a razor (which I thought I invented by the way).....rolls of duct tape.....taping cymbal felts to the heads....cans of WD40 trying to get that old Speed King to stop squeaking .etc etc....

when I got my first new kit and put the heads on and the kit just tuned up I was almost disappointed because I enjoyed all the tinkering

those are the days that define us

I truly hope there are kids today who have to mess with dysfunctional drums incessantly the way we did to get them to sound the way they like builds character that cannot be duplicated
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