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Default Re: The Slingerland video - FINALLY!

Originally Posted by 2bsticks View Post
And all this time I {thought} you were a cute female :-) Nice job.
Well, at least the cute female actually exists and can be accessed in my case ;)

Yeah Henri, I guess it's a reflection of my age. I'm not really collecting vintage drums, they're just drums that I had access to when I was a kid. Note that I'm not into anything earlier than 1966 (when I was born). I'd like a Rogers Big R kit from 1975 or so, that would be my next 'vintage' piece. But I've never been a big fan of Gretsch unless it's a big Tony Williams yellow monster.

But I think I have all the bases covered. I have two sorta vintage kits, and when the DrumCrafts arrive, I'll have my five-piece fusion set to play that college jazz nobody wants to hear ;)
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