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Default Hello, I'm new here :)

Hi, it's a bit scary to join a new forum and this is my first-ever drumming forum, but here goes.

I live in the UK and I've come to drumming relatively late in life: my husband bought me a kit as a surprise Christmas present two years ago, having no idea that it would spark a fully-fledged mid-life crisis!

Now here's where I'd like to tap into the forum wisdom and knowledge. I'm fairly competent in terms of technique (completed Grade 8 syllabus about 6 months ago) but I have very, very little experience or knowledge of music that has drum kit in it: until two years ago I really only listened to classical music, and I find that I often don't understand the sort of stuff most people listen to and play. If you don't quite get what I mean, think of listening to a foreign language: you can hear the sounds but they don't make any sense to you. That's how I often feel, as bizarre as it may seem.

My heroically tolerant teacher is gradually educating me (he introduced me to Led Zeppelin last month) but it's not an easy job as I'm pretty good at refusing to play anything I don't like! So can anybody point me in a direction that might be useful, pleasant and playable for a drummer of my standard? I'm not keen on Latin or very heavy rock, but I do rather like funk and jazz.

I'd be very appreciative of your ideas - thanks in advance :)
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