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Default Re: For the runners - 1:42:44 - 1/2M

B-squared, congrats on your personal best! That's a decent time and 10 minutes faster than I did so far (although as you might remember my recent 1/2M was far from perfect, haha).

Haven't been doing much running after that race but as we know, regardless of times and personal bests, running is just so much fun and beneficial to one's health (both physical and mental) so basically it's great to any running at all.

As with pretty much everything, I experienced how hard it is to get back into something once the training continuity has been interrupted. In fact, whenever I would pick up running again and experience how hard it is to get into it after some hiatus I keep remembering how long it has been taking me every time so I would know in advance, haha. Otherwise it would tend to be a frustrating experience.

So anybody who is into running or any kind of sports - keep in mind we're all heroes ;-)
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