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Default Re: Best choice for durable preferably cheap stands?

As was already recommended here, the Tama single-braced StageMaster stuff is really good, I also like the Yamaha 7-series single-braced stuff. Regarding the Yamaha's, I found 6-series straight cymbal stands on Amazon for $48 each - a steal considering how well-made they are.

But, you're not that far away from something like Pearl's double-braced 900-series stuff. I have that too and found that they didn't weigh that much more, and are much more stable. Above that would be Tama's RoadPro series, but at that point the price is kinda' high.

As I have learned over the years, I can make any hardware set-up work, but what I found is absolutely necessary is a good sturdy throne. I have DW9000 and Pork Pie thrones and love them - both of those cost 130+. I did try a Yamaha lightweight throne, and although it works, definitely not the same stable feeling, and sometimes I let it affect my groove.
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