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Default Re: Putting myself out there ( uncle Larry, this ones for you)

Oh man, I'm so happy that you did this Mary!....Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Getting known in your particular local music scene is an essential part of playing with others, face it, you're not gonna travel 500 miles to play with people. The best part...You are in control and have the say over who you want, instead of the other way around, where you have no power....Love your honesty, I think that any level headed individual reading this (good luck with that on CL!) will get about the clearest picture possible about what to expect. What more can you ask from an ad? I like it a lot. You worded it so anyone will get it.

Mary, watching you grow is more inspiring than you may know because a lot of people go through non growth spells and need to be reminded that growth is life. That's me right now.

I really get a kick out of your whole deal here, because we've all seen you go from the "complete noobie" level, to someone who is now helping noobies with advise... I don't mean noobie in any negative way whatsoever, it is what it is. Every new goal you accomplish is a goal accomplished for everyone here too, because we're all helping you along. You're alright girlfriend.

I judge people on their playing first in a situation like this. If I like playing with them...well that's the #1 requirement. If it's a chore playing with them...sorry. Go with your gut.

Anyway, let us know the how the responses go, and everything else. I will be keeping this thread on the radar.
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