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Default For the runners - 1:42:44 - 1/2M

I had a decent half marathon today, for me anyway. I went under my best time from back when I was 27. I ran a 1:43 something back then. Now that I'm 52, I'm faster, but so is my competition. I would have finished 3rd among men 20-29, but in the men, 50-59, I finished 5th out of 8. Wow, this is getting tougher as I get older. Here is the brutal truth:

I have a full marathon coming up June 2nd in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The town is beautiful; the race is a beast. It's a ski town and the start elevation is 8128 ft (2477 m.) the finish is at 6728 ft. (2051 m.). It is dry and it gets hot at that elevation unless you get some cloud cover. You can sunburn quickly. I hope I'm ready. I hope Larryz, Arky, and more of our forum runners contribute their race times, tips, and experiences here. Racing season is upon us.
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