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Default Re: New Head Suggestions?

Aquarian are just as good (IMO a little better) than the other guys. A black suede anything over pinstripes would very likely objectively sound awful. Since you & me dislike Evans, I'll list Remo and Aquarian models. If you want something a little easier to tune & more durable, a 2-ply batter head on your toms is probably what you want. I have Aquarian Super-2s, but their Response-2s are a little thicker & the same specs as a Remo Emperor. Clear heads give you more attack & clear tone, coated give you a bit more of the shells sound & a "sweeter" tone, and black or white suede are inbetween. For tom resos, Classic Clear or clear Ambassadors are basically what you want unless you want a lot of shell tone.

For kick, there is really nothing like than a Powerstroke 3 (or Aquarian Force I). They're easy to tune for single-ply and muffled just right so any more muffling is adjustable by you (you will need more muffling, probably).

For snare, there's Classic Clear Snare & Hazy Ambassador for the bottom. Top head depends. I like my snare with some classic ring to it so I usually use an Ambassador X unmuffled, which is a great multipurpose snare head. For metal, I usually use a Clear Controlled Sound (or Classic Clear w/ power dot). For a thicker snare sound, I use a Vintage Ambassador. I don't go any thicker than that.

As far as snare wires go, the ones you have are probably fine. But if you have money to spare, Puresound Super 30s are very nice snares with 30 strands, which is IMO a much more reasonable number than 42.
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