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Default Re: Product review: Axis Sonic Hammer (bass drum beater)

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
Thanks for the review, Larry.

One issue you didn't touch on too much was feel. I was curious how that flat face affected the feel and rebound of the beater, especially on quick doubles.

What was your take on that, volume issues aside?
It felt lighter, which translates, for me, to wimpier. It didn't smack with the authority I am used to. It would take some time to adjust to this beater, but in the end, I don't think the final result would be superior sounding to my DW beater. So in my mind, it wouldn't make sense to try and adjust to this thing. I like the punch that the weight of the DW provides. The feel...I was working harder for the same punch. That's about the best way I can describe it. Another thing that bothered me was...because the hammer is adjustable, there is a portion of the hammer rod, that on the rebound, struck the top of my unshoed foot. (I play in socks) So that was uncomfortable. I have a tender spot on the top of my foot today from where it hit, nothing major, but who needs that? I could cut the excess length off, but no, they just do not cut it for me. They might be good if you want to play really lightly.

If anyone wants them.... I bought 2 of them, I will give them away. You just send me a SASE with enough postage to cover a little over one half pound of package (they weigh 126 grams each) and they're yours.

PM me if anyone want's them for the cost of shipping. I paid 29.99 each, and I have 2 of them up for grabs. You could probably get 2 of them for less than 10 dollars postage, just guessing here.
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