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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Well, to be clearer: Imagine all the drumming greats now in their fifties or so. When they were young and got their musical and technical chops together
they had NOTHING, no youtube, no educational or performance videos. But still they got to the point there are now.

Well it's great that we have all of that nowadays, but sometimes I actually wish we hadn't, because with all the information overkill it's hard to actually focus,
and it's harder to actually really work things! In the early days when young drummers had 10 vinyl records at home, and that was it, they listened to it
forwards and backwards, analyzed it, played along, figured everything out. That way they really learned, they really internalized and connected.

Today we can jump from one video to the next, from one song to another in no time, but do we actually learn more? Do we learn better? Is it more profound?
This is really important-- and it really applies to anyone who matured musically before the tsunami of free media that came after Napster and YouTube. Can't go to deep into it without derailing the thread, but I think players now and then are/were subject to accidents of talent-- then you had to be talented to make up for the lack of information, now you need it to recognize the important/good/useful things out of the glut of information. Or to guess correctly how far you need to go with things like, say, Mayer's video, relative to all of the other important things there are to do as a musician.
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