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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: picked up the Brooklyn Bop kit this morning

thank you gentlemen

I got her out on 2 gigs last night and it was an absolute pleasure

extremely simple set up and break down

I rushed from a gig in NJ where I was playing straight ahead jazz to a gig in Brooklyn playing some jungle/drum n bass some more free jazz and some hip hop .......with zero bumps in the road and the new kit sounded amazing the whole way

I could not be more happy with the sound, construction, and overall feel of the kit

she will be my primary kit for everything but rock gigs.......and if had the patience or desire to retune her to play rock gigs I would use her for them as well......but I'll chose to keep her tuned where she is right now which is basically a jazz tuning

@ Neal - you will be very pleased with your Brooklyn kit ....these drums are top notch

...and I'm in no way paid to say that :)
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