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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Well, to be clearer: Imagine all the drumming greats now in their fifties or so. When they were young and got their musical and technical chops together
they had NOTHING, no youtube, no educational or performance videos. But still they got to the point there are now.

Well it's great that we have all of that nowadays, but sometimes I actually wish we hadn't, because with all the information overkill it's hard to actually focus,
and it's harder to actually really work things! In the early days when young drummers had 10 vinyl records at home, and that was it, they listened to it
forwards and backwards, analyzed it, played along, figured everything out. That way they really learned, they really internalized and connected.

Today we can jump from one video to the next, from one song to another in no time, but do we actually learn more? Do we learn better? Is it more profound?
Excellent point.

There is an overwhelming amount of material out there today. Books, DVDs, websites, etc.

Reed's Syncopation, for example. If one were so inclined, could use only that book in every conceivable way instead of working at exercises through a stack of books simply for the sake of doing the exercises.

Recently I was trying to figure out a long term plan for going through a few books. Really digging into John Riley's Art of Bop Drumming and his Master Drummer DVD. Mr. Riley even suggests something along the line of your point. I couldn't find it in the book but I'm pretty sure he did say it somewhere. Not to just learn one exercise and move on to the next. Really internalize the lick, make it your own, move it around the kit, add rests, etc.

Obviously, the same thing applies to hands. For my hands, I have been digging into Tommy Igoe's Great Hands DVD. There are several great exercises in that DVD material (57 page pdf). I've tried applying some of the exercises to the kit. It adds a whole new level of difficulty.

I've tried to limit myself to about 2 books at a time. I just bought Jojo's DVD recently and agree that there is a ton of great information in there but not a lot of ways to apply it. As PFOG said, you can definitely learn something from it but I think it depends on what you are trying to learn.

If you don't have a vast knowledge of all the grips, yeah go pick it up Secret Weapons. Do you want to know how to get as fast as Jojo? Then you should probably pick up something else.
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