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its common for the gain to be different as each trigger is different. also. from module to module everyones settings will be different.

its better to learn what the settings DO and WHY its doing what its doing so if it messes up at a gig it can be fixed... copying someones settings and just "going with it" is bad if your ever in a situation and things change...

everything from the pedal, playing style, skin, tension, whats in the drum, guitar amps, pa system can effect it.

to stop the double triggers, first dont' rest ur feet on the drum ever. thats a bad habbit of mine.

second.. shove a bunch of stuff in ur drum such as pillows/blankets/dampners.

don't have your triggers to sensitive ... 75 and 85 seems pretty high but it depends on the trigger type

i see ur gain says 94... that is forsure way to high. try and half that and start from there
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