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Default Re: New Head Suggestions?

Originally Posted by TheRadBaron View Post
... I wouldn't say the resonance was too dead yet...
What I said was that your drums are of the dead variety. It's how they're constructed - head choice is independent of that characteristic, though you can minimize or maximize your drums' tendency to be dead with head choice. If you want to maximize their tonal characteristics, go with a more resonant head (read: not Pinstripes).
Originally Posted by TheRadBaron View Post
...Ambassadors are probably the closest to the sound I want. Something a bit more muffled, but not too much. Something in between like say black suede and the Ambassadors would be the ideal sound. Is there any head between ambassadors and black suede in terms of sound?
Dude, Ambassadors are among the least muffled of all the head choices you could make, which is why I recommended them for your set. If you want something a bit more muffled but Ambs are the closest to what you want ...? Honestly, you've just contradicted yourself. Seems to me the issue is you want someone to tell you black suede heads are the way to go. Hey, go for it. But you'll still need to decide between Ambassador and Emperor versions...

I'd steer you toward the Evans site because they do a good job describing what types of heads do what, but since you think they suck, I won't bother.
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