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Default Re: Is there a thinner hickory stick than a 7A?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I can handle the rods on drums OK I guess, I still don't like them...but it's the cymbal tones they make that make me want to hurl them at something.

I am not a percussionist. I can't/won't do congas. I don't want to hit anything with my hands. If I can't use sticks and some footpedals, I'm not there.
I once recorded an entire album for a singer/songwriter using nothing but hotrods (and the occasional brushes) at his behest. He wanted to go for a "quiet sound, like MTV Unplugged." I hated the sound of those recordings and told him I felt most of the songs would be better served with sticks, but he wasn't interested.

Later, I made a home recording of one of the songs - just a quick cover-type recording - using regular sticks, and let him listen. He finally saw what I was talking about. But it was too late.

I don't mind hotrods and such for specialty sounds, but I don't like them for "playing quietly" either.
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