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Default Re: Books, DVDs, or Online?

Originally Posted by Anduin View Post
I have yet to see anything on-line that comes close to the quality and length of a good book like Syncopation or Stick Control. (Maybe theyíre out there, but Iíve not found them.)

And Iíve never seen an on-line video, or collection of videos, that is anywhere close to the better-quality full-length DVD offerings out there.
Yep. Most of what's available on line is commentary on/complementary of things you learn conventionally from teachers, personal experience, and books. Most of the bad videos-- which is most of the videos, period, including the ones from the big "lessons" sites-- are trying and failing to be substitutes for real, in person private lessons. I haven't conducted any kind of exhaustive research, but the best online sources I've seen are the Firth site, the people in my blogroll, and of course my amazing blog-- but none of them are a replacement for drum lessons and traditional print. Oh, and Jazz Heaven and Hudson are good, too.
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