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Default Re: New Head Suggestions?

Those drums are pretty dead so to maximize the tone and resonance, I'd stick with single ply Remo Ambassadors, Evans G1, or Aquarian equivalent (I'm not familiar with Aquarian but take it on faith that they're as good as anyone). Whatever single ply I picked, I'd use them top and bottom - clear bottom and either clear or coated on top. Remember that if it's too much resonance, you can always apply tape or Moongels to tame them down, but if you get Pinstripes or any other kind of pre-muffled head, there's nothing you can do to get that resonance back. Food for thought.

On the other hand, if you're on a budget and can't afford to replace heads every year, two-ply Remo Emperors, Evans G2s, or some Aquarian equivalent will last a lot longer but be slightly less lively to play on. It's another one of those trade-offs. That's only for the batters, though; I'd still use single ply clears on the bottoms.

For the snare, I'd use a two-ply Remo Emperor, Evans G2, or Aquarian equivalent. I always use coated on snare even though I never use brushes.

And on the bass drum batter side, I personally like the Remo PS3. For the kick reso side I use a Remo Ambassador Clear, but I've used PS3s and like them too. Again, I'm not familiar with Aquarian heads but always see good reviews of them. I've tried a few different Evans bass drum heads and haven't liked any of them as much as the PS3. For toms and snares, I'm okay with Remo or Evans but kicks gotta be Remo for me.
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