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Default Re: Is there a thinner hickory stick than a 7A?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
With all due respect Anduin, the rod bundles, and I really can't help it, but they make me projectile vomit. It's not pretty. I just won't use them, the same way that I won't play a cajon on a gig. If I can't have a bass drum, I'd rather play bass guitar.
I feel the same way.

I used to be in a band that was doomed from the start but the lead singer always wanted me to play a cajon because 'so and so' played one. I'm really burned out on hearing them especially since everyone seems to do the exact same thing on them.

I have a couple rods but rarely use them. And it's never because I need to play lighter. It's for a specific effect. There's nothing like using an actual stick.
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