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Default The Slingerland video - FINALLY!

Hey all,

Just got done doing a simple ad hoc video of me playing my just acquired Slingerlands in honor of mom and dad. It is located here:

I discovered that the toms had to have regular ol' ambassadors to get "that" sound I like, and I even opted for an old Pearl batter head on the bass drum which is like a bad copy of the remo powerstroke 3, but it being thinner, it sounds better on the drum. The front reso is a ported black dot head I put the Slingerland logo on for ID purposes (since there's no badges on the drums (sorry badge-expectant players ;). There is a small pillow in the bass drum that I cut open and removed about half of the stuffing.

But this video was just made with the Zoom Q3HD thrown up in a mic stand about three feet in front of the kit and to my left. I wanted to just capture what the drums sound like in my room without any processing. I think the audio came out rather well!

The thing with going back to playing the drums you had when you were twelve is making sure you don't sound like you're twelve today ;)

Let me know what you think. It's short!
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