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Default Re: Is there a thinner hickory stick than a 7A?

Thanks Jon and Grunt. I do use VF 7A. Even though the tone of the drum sounds thinner with a lighter stick from where I'm sitting, the recording sounds otherwise. I swear when listening to the playbacks, it sounds like I'm hitting my drums with at least a medium amount of force when in actuality, I am very lightly tapping to blend in with the volume. It's a very reflective room. People are the only soft surface in there so when it's crowded, I can use my 5B's. I still can't hit too hard though, but I don't have to stifle myself as much. We are well liked in this room because we all are very volume conscious. People need to hear their conversations, bartenders need to hear their orders, people are eating dinner there in the beginning. I often get complimented that my volume is very appropriate there.

I never heard of Acappella before. Would you say that any of the sticks in the VF America Jazz Series are thinner than Regal Tip 7A's?
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