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Default Re: V-Drum Setup specifics/rules ?

Just set it up and keep tweeking it until it fits.

I must have adjusted mine a hundred times in the 1.5 years I've had it.

I tried to keep the snare and stool height the same as my acoustics. The Edrum HH is 100 times easier to place because there is no tripod stand to get in the way.

You may want them spread out like acoustics but I prefer to keep them tight.

HH is the generally the left pad, sometimes the top right is I want to play open handed.

Top pads are accessories like cowbell, tambourine or whatever the song/kit requires.

Right pad is ride cymbal

And, sticks are going to get crossed up and hung up until you adjust to the smaller targets.

I recently added 4 pads to trigger my SPD right handed.

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