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Default Re: picked up the Brooklyn Bop kit this morning

Originally Posted by Anthony Amodeo View Post
thanks guys

uncle Lar ......4 Gretsch kits

1966 Champagne sparkle RB - 12/14/ 20/5.5x14

New Classic Merlot Sparkle - 10/12/14/20

(you can kinda see those two in the background )

Catalina Club Marine Pearl - 12/14/18/5.5x14

Brooklyn Satin Mahogany - 12/14/18/5.5x14

and a bunch of random Gretsch snare drums

the only functioning drum I own that is not Gretsch is my 90s Ludwig BB 6.5x14 snare drum that I use with the New Classic and on some rock/blues gigs with the Cat.......amazing sounding snare drum

I actually also have a 1965 Slingerland kit that is sitting in my basement halfway refinished ......I'll get around to finishing it one day
You need a Renown 57 bop kit to round out your collection. :)
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