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Default Re: V-Drum Setup specifics/rules ?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Have your drummer friend set it up for you. That'll get you in the ball park. Then you can tweak things and make slight adjustments for your own comfort as you go.
I agree with this.

Although set it pretty much however feels comfortable for you, there are no 'rules' or 'specifics' this includes the 'wrist rule' your drummer friend has, its a comfort thing, some like their hats at 12 'o'clock, some at 10, I personally like mine at 9 s my wrist are no were near each other.

you've pretty much got it right by looking at pics and setting it up, from here I would just say play it and if something feels too far away, bring it closer, if it feels to close, move it away, basically if it doesnt feel 'right' then it isn't, every set up is different.
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