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Default V-Drum Setup specifics/rules ?

I recently picked up a used V-Drum kit (Roland TD3), and when i packed it up i lost the configuration that the guy originally had. So i set it up to the best of my ability, trying to compare with some kit pics from around the net. Now, i feel that the setup is OK at best but i still feel like something is off with the snare/hihat/tom setup, and after speaking to a drummer buddy of mine he said that the snare and hihat should be set up so that your wrists are sort of aligned (when crossed) so the sticks don’t hit.

And since most v-drum setups online consist of pretty much one pic, its hard to get a good idea of precise distance and hight setups between pads. For example.. i set up my snare and toms to sort of resemble a trapezoid, but i see some other setups where the pads seem spread out more and not bunched together. My ideal setup would be something that is versatile among styles and idea for a beginner/intermediate. I just want to make it clear that i don’t wanna make things easy for myself and then have to re-learn or make major adjustments when moving to a acoustic kit. I realized my setup was a bit odd when i had trouble with some of my practice regiments on the toms/snare (2 hits on tom 1, then 2 on snare, then 2 hits on tom 2 then back to snare etc..).

I know that over time, a lot of this stuff boils down to personal preference, but i would like to have a good idea of what would be best for me at this point in time, as i really don’t know what is right.

I will post pics of my setup when i get home.

Feedback would be appreciated, thanks guys!
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