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Default Re: (The Onion) Ad For Drummer Personally Attacks Old Drummer

Former douch band members attacking the drummer for something he did or possibly, did not do.

Band politics,and possibly a lack of a sense of time without a click playing in their ears,may have something to do with such a gracious,endearing and touchingly sensitive parting of the ways.

Thanks former band mate for putting up with our childish wining egos,afterall,we are the stars...your just a drummer.

We're making the sacrifice of not having a life,a girlfriend,personality,maturity and a clue and we expect you to do the same.

If you think it's easy living in your mothers basement,getting up at 2 PM every day,playing matathon nintendo games,tuning your guitar for an hour and at the age of 35,knowing that you'll always be a basement rockstar,and a legend in your own mind is easy...then think again bucko.

If you, as a drummer ,can't chuck your life,girlfriend and the last shred of self worth you have,then you're not like the rest of us.

We're so jealous of you, we can't stand it and at times we pray for a quick death,or the courage to gouge out our eyes with a dull, rusty spoon,so we don't have to look at ourselves in the mirror anymore.

How original and refreshing.

Good riddance to those "band mates".You ,as a drummer, can always find another band.

These guys couldn't find their ass with both hands and a flashlight(torch).

Steve B
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