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Default Re: Rant against modern hi-hat stands

Originally Posted by steverok View Post
Thanks man. In the band I play in, we rehearse at a studio that has drum sets in each room already, and for nearly half of the shows we've played, I have been forced to use someone else's drum kit as part of a back-line arrangement. Sometimes it works out great, but when it doesn't, it's the worst. My bandmates are probably sick of listening to me complain, mostly about hardware, but hey, they get to play their own guitars all the time !
I hate using other people's gear, but when I do there's always certain things I bring in addition to the basics (sticks/snare/cymbals).
I always bring a throne, my pedal, my high hat stand and one cymbal stand.
Sometimes it sits in my car, sometimes I need part of it, and sometimes I need all of it. It seems like a waste when I don't need it, but I feel like the smartest man alive when I need it.
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