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Default Re: Vic Firths similar to Jojo Mayer´s model

Hi folks, thanks for the replies!!

I have just found one stick that seems VERY similar to Jojo´s signature model, but its appears to be a CONCERT stick.

I have absolutely NO IDEA what that will mean, what the differences, etc, etc.

Its the SD2 BOLERO

SD2 Bolero
Round tip. Perfect for light jazz‚ studio‚ orchestral and pit work.
L = 15 3/4" | Dia. = .635"

I have even found a 12 pack of these very cheap on ebay.

Anyone have ever seem these personally? maybe checked them out?

Any comments?


PS - I have a stupid doubt, that may sound VERY dumb = a diameter of .635" is actually THICKER than a .577", right???
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