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Default Re: G2 or ec2?

i think it depends on the shells and if you will be playing live or recording a lot.

For my pearl mcx masters, those shells are really quite tame to begin with in comparison to my mapex saturn shells, so G2 on my pearl mcx masters is perfect, on my saturns ec2's might be a better choice only if recording but I still go with a normal two ply clear head on those as well. It's been said so many times, you can always add a bit of dampening but cannot remove it so G2 or any other brand of double ply head just makes sense all the way around. My Tama Starclassic BB also have clear double ply heads as well, Aquarian Response currently.

I don't think you can go wrong with G2 or EC2 just that you are limited with the EC2 on the ability to liven it up.
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