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Default XeroTalent's Home Studio Build Thread

I've finally finished building my home drum room! Here's the build process in pictures, along with the (almost) final result.



I normally rehearse in my basement, which was completely bare concrete foundation - no studs, ceiling, fixtures, etc... just bare concrete and floor joists for the first floor, as you can see from an older pic of my setup:

Since there was no drywall, insulation or ceiling, the drums were LOUD in the house. My wife was super cool about it though, and often I would practice while she was out. At the very least, she couldn't do much if she was home while I was practicing - watch tv, listen to music, etc.. just because it was so loud.

And then we got a little puppy. I tried playing a couple of times, but our poor Beagle gets terrified...

So I basically haven't practiced much in my house since getting our puppy in August, unless she was outdoors. This gave me the motivation to start my basement reno, which had been on the backburner since buying our house in 2009.

I started renovations and started building my studio in my basement over the Christmas break. Anyway, here's a little build diary of my progress.

Unfortunately, I have no "before" pics. As I mentioned, the basement was completely bare to the concrete foundation. No walls or studs, completely bare.

This was taken at the end of the first weekend of work. Partition wall built - through that doorway is the studio area. The other room (in which I was standing for the pic) will be a party/bar room. Where that orange chair is will be a storage closet, and access to the furnace room.

To the left of the door, where the garbage can is will be framed with a door for another storage closet under the stairs.

Studs framing the party/bar room

Studio side - partition wall, and the wall that boxes in the furnace. Duct work framed for boxing. All my drums and recording gear boxed up :(

Studio side - soundproofing added to the partition walls, started drywall on the duct box so I could measure up the door for installation. Pot lights and switches all wired up, 2 additional outlets added to the room. Electrical is now finished.

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