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Default Re: Can we have a 'like' button?

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
So a score of high posters and a site owner refuse to entertain interesting solutions to encorperate the views of individuals who do not wish to directly comment.
Crap. As for the 'high posters' - their post count doesn't matter - and what is more important than post count is post quality, and in this respect the people contributing to this discussion are doing fine! Once you're a regular member you can contribute on this forum. Post count = irrelevant. Now you know - in case you didn't know before. And what the other members were doing is simply stating their views - like you did. Nothing wrong with that.

As for 'interesting solutions'... I disagree. Interesting it might get depending on what a discussion is bringing forward, not by a few individuals clicking e.g. 'like' buttons. That's not a contribution, that's laziness.

And if they don't wish to directly comment - they're free not to comment. But seriously, what's the problem dropping a few words or maybe 1-2 sentences about either agreement or disagreement with something? Heck, this would even give you a chance to state the 'why'. And it takes... lemme guess - a few seconds. Is that hard work? Ok, harder than on facebook... But this isn't facebook.

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
Thus the thread is to be closed.
Closed thread = no discussion. And a forum is to provide discussions. So where's the (your) logic?
Don't want a discussion but wanna press 'like' buttons? -> facebook has this, go there.

Imagine you're the site owner/forum founder. Imagine a few members bring up some suggestions. Imagine the forum founder gives them a go and thinks it over. Imagine he comes to the conclusion that this is nonsense/unnecessary and the matter is settled for him. Imagine those few that brought the suggestions forward start crying like offended children and post ironic/sarcastic replies.

1) Would the founder care?
2) Would this draw a beneficial impression of those complaining?
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